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Core Drill

Go through Core Drill which may penetrate a variety of surfaces. It is capable of cutting cement, wood, rocks, and ice. To make the hole, it twists and pushes through the surface. To achieve optimum performance, each surface requires a particular drill bit. This is easy to install and simple to use. Core Drill is available in huge ranges like Annular Core Cutter, CVD Milling Cutter, Has Weldon Shank Drill, HSS Broach Core Cutter, and many more. While core drilling may be used for a number of objectives, its principal application is to study sediment in a region. This is very economical to use.

CVD Milling Cutter

CVD Milling Cutter is cost-effective and process-reliable. This has outstanding cost efficiency due to high metal removal rate, even on low-performance machines. Because of the steady indexable inserts, the procedure is highly reliable. A carbide shim gives the best support face and the most feed per tooth. Our provided CVD Milling Cutter applications are those in which the material being machined forms powder or fine grit. Because of the 14 cutting blades, cutting material expenses are kept to a minimum. This cutter is very effective as well as economical to use. This has easy installation and hassle-free operations.

Karnasch HSS Broach Core Cutter

Karnasch Pneumatic Grinder

Tools for Composite Materials Drilling and Milling


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