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Annular Cutter

An annular Cutter is very effective to utilize. High-performance lubricants are perfectly matched for precise drilling. They provide many of the same benefits as mag drill annular cutters, such as faster drilling, higher hole quality, and longer tool life.

Beveling Machine

The beveling Machine is manufactured by using top-notch raw materials and technology. The diameter of the pipes, the volume of pipe beveling produced, the material of the pipes, the specifications and tolerances for bevel forms all influence the range of pipe bevelers.

Core Drill

The size, power, and characteristics of a core drill might vary based on its intended usage. Individuals can use a tiny drill at home, whereas structures and mines require a strong, medium-sized drill. The hollow center of the drill allows it to carve out a sample from the drilled material.

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools are used in machining. A stiff, hard, wedge-shaped instrument known as a cutting tool is used to compress the work material and shear the surplus layer of material. They are safe to handle.

End Mill

End Mill is available in a broad range of lengths, diameters, flutes, and kinds. This mill is widely selected based on the material being cut and the needed surface finish for the job.

HSS Annular Core Cutter

HSS Annular Core Cutter drills precise, burr-free holes to tight tolerances without the use of pre-drilling or step drilling. BDS recommends the BDS 5200 high-performance lubricating spray for operations on a horizontal plane. This is widely appreciated by our clients.


Milling Cutter

 Milling Cutter is the most significant portion of a milling machine because this generates several sorts of surfaces such as flat, plane, and horizontal surfaces and is also used to make gears, slots, and grooves. It not only accomplish cutting but also tool changeovers automatically.



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