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Cutting Tools

We are here to offer Cutting Tools which are wedge-shaped, sharp-edged instruments used to shear extra material from a workpiece during machining to achieve the required form, size, and precision. They are securely fastened to the machine tool. Various mechanical and other cutting action designs also give a relative velocity between the workpiece and the cutting tool. Cutting Tools are offered in huge varieties such as Carbide Insert TCGW, HSS & Carbide Broach Core Drill for Hardox Plate, Karnasch Germany Die Grinder, and many more. Because different machining procedures use different cutters, these cutters have varied names depending on the application.

Bolt Cutter

Hammering De Spanner

Carbide Insert TCGW

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Rotary Cutter for Non Ferrous

Grinding Wheel

Solid Carbide Circular Saw Blades

Special Tool Holders

T.C. Rotary Cutter

TCT Circular Saw for Angle Grinder


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